MSL Tech Data

MSL Technical Data
MSL - Repair Mortar, Resurfacer, Stucco and Fire Resistant Coating

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MSL is an all-weather inorganic cementitious material that provides a class IV fire rating. MSL provides superior bond, compressive and fire resistance versus Portland cements while not off-gassing and maintaining its eco-friendliness. MSL also provides excellent anti-corrosion properties, resists salt and salt water to provide a rust inhibiting layer. Can be submerged in water 15 min after application, will cure under water. MSL is trowelable, sprayable and castable. MSL can also be used for Concrete countertops. It’s white base provides superior colors saturation when using pigments. MSL can also be acid and water based stained. MSL can be used but not limited to: concrete resurfacing, patching and repairs, stucco, pre-cast, anchoring/doweling, concrete Flooring, outdoor/indoor terrazzo, countertops, etc.

Add 2 quarts of potable water per 50-lb bag. Mix by mechanical means for 3 minutes. Additional water can be added depending on application, desired consistency, humidity and relative cite conditions. Mix only enough material to place within 30 minutes. Larger quantities can be mixed if pressurized spray or pump equipment is used. Set times can be extended. Aggregates Up to 100% by weight can be added depending on application. Please contact Cerako USA for further details and information.

MSL is a professional grade material that should only be installed by licensed contractors or those with extensive concrete/cement experience. Please contact Cerako USA for further information.

Spray/Fire coating
Set spray equipment to 8-15psi. A medium nozzle size is recommended or size to desired finish. It is recommended to spray a test area prior to final application. Build to at least 1/8” thick in multiple passes. Applying material too thick at one time may result in sagging.

MSL can be sprayed, squeegeed, spike rolled and troweled to desired thickness. Finish in accordance with standard cement flooring/resurfacing applications and practices. Please contact Cerako USA for further information.

All other applications
MSL can be troweled, poured, stucco and finished dependent on application. Follow standard cement based practices dependent on desired application and finish. Please contact Cerako USA for further information.

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