RS Tech Data

RS Technical DataRS - Rapid Setting Road Repair Concrete

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RS is an all-weather inorganic cementitious material that is self-bonding. RS provides superior set, bond and compressive properties, return to service in as little as10-15 minutes for walk time and a 45 minute time for heavy traffic. RS has less impact on the environment, with no off-gassing, and performs excellently in freezing temperatures, such as freezer floors. RS can be used as a replacement anywhere a fast-setting, high-strength concrete and/or mortar is required. RS can be polished, pigmented, water based and acid stained. RS is trowelable, sprayable and castable. RS can also be used for, but not limited to: concrete resurfacing, patching and repairs, one coat stucco repair, pre-cast, block & brick, anchoring/doweling concrete, footers/foundations,  caissons/piers, flooring, etc.

Add 3 quarts of potable water per 50-lb bag. Mix by mechanical means for 3 minutes. Additional water may be added depending on application, desired consistency, humidity and relative site conditions. Less water will result in higher strengths. Do not exceed 5 quarts of water. Mix only enough material to place within 20 minutes. Larger quantities can be mixed if pressurized spray or pump equipment is used. Set times can be extended by additives and custom blends, please contact Cerako USA for further information. Aggregates Up to 100% by weight can be added depending on application.

RS is a professional grade material that should only be installed by recommended and licensed contractors or those with extensive concrete/cement experience. RS can be applied from ½”-6” thick. Thicker applications can be achieved with the use of additional aggregate. Substrate to be repaired must be free of dust, dirt, oil, paint or any foreign materials. Surface can be wet prior to repair. Pour in layers across repair area to desired finish height. After initial set RS can be brushed, textured or hard troweled to desired finish. Follow standard cement-based practices dependent on desired application and finish broadcasting fine aggregate into surface prior to initial set can be used to provide a non-slip surface. Please contact Cerako USA for further information.


Set spray equipment to 8-15 psi, a large nozzle size is recommended or size to desired finish. It is recommended to spray a test area prior to final application. Build to at least 1/8” thick in multiple passes. Applying material too thick at one time may result in sagging. RS is only to be installed by Cerako USA recommended contractor or someone with extensive masonry and/or concrete experience.

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