SLX Tech Data

SLX Technical Data
SLX - Self Leveling Resurfacer/Underlayment

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SLX is a rapid non-Portland based cement underlayment/resurfacer that can be used interior and exterior applications. SLX can be applied from a feather edge to 1” think and 5” thick with the use of aggregates all while providing superior bond, flexural and compressive strengths. SLX bonds exceptionally well to wet concrete/asphalt. SLX can be poured, troweled, sprayed, pigmented and polished after cure to desired finish and application. No need for a primer, SLX bonds to concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, steel drywall etc. For substrates not listed a test sample is recommended or contact Cerako USA for further details. Flooring can be placed in as little as 3-12 hours depending on flooring type.

SLX I Smaller area application faster set times and return to heavy traffic in as little as 3-4hrs.

SLX II Larger area application such as large floors & warehouses returns to heavy traffic in 12 hours.

Surface Preparation
Substrates should be clean, sound and free from dirt, oil, epoxies, paints, mastics or any foreign material that could compromise bond. No need for a primer coat. Concrete should be free of hydrostatic pressure and vapor emissions should meet flooring manufacturers specifications. Hard troweled and smooth Concrete should be shot blasted or prepped by mechanical means similar to ICRI CSP 3. Surface should be dry and a minimum 50F and all moving cracks or joints cracks should be honored.

Add 4-5 quarts of potable water depending on application and desired finish to one 50lbs bag. Do not exceed 5 quarts of water. Mix by mechanical means for 3 min. to a lump free workable consistency. Mixed SLX should be used within 30min.


SLX can be troweled, sprayed, squeegeed and pumped. Use a gauged rake, trowel pray/pump or other tool to apply material. A spiked roller should be used to remove any trapped air. A smooth trowel can be used after placement if desired. SLX can be diamond polished after 24hrs.

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